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Courier Insurance – Your Best Business Mate

Being a courier is not an easy job. You are in charge of your customers’ goods and documents and irrespective of the time of the day or the weather, it is your responsibility to transport your customers’ commodity, safely and effectively. Therefore, you need an insurance, which works with you and for you, all the time, so that while you do all the hard work, you are duly covered against any hassles.

Why do you need Courier Insurance?

No one enjoys paying a hefty amount to the insurance companies, however currently it is a legal requirement in the UK, that any vehicle, on or off road has to be duly insured unless, the owner has completed the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice). If you ignore this, you might end up paying up to 1000 GBP as fine or your vehicle might be seized and destroyed.

Since you are frequently out on the roads with your vehicle at unusual times in the day (early mornings and late nights), it is imperative that you purchase a courier insurance which will duly cover your business travelling needs and protect you against every eventuality. The premiums for courier insurance tend to be quite high, chiefly because of the distance, frequency and the hours of travel. Additionally courier vans are the top targets for thieves and hackers because of the nature of the goods they carry. It is vital that you do an extensive research and contact the insurance agencies in your locality before taking out a suitable courier insurance cover.

What are the different levels of Courier Insurance?

There are different levels of Courier Insurance you can opt from. Irrespective of the kind of operation you are running, there are three main kinds of policies you can research for. You could be a single operator or a subcontractor, but you will require three main types of courier insurance before you venture out on the road with the goods.

The Vehicle Insurance – Your enterprise chiefly runs on your wheels, therefore you will require an appropriate vehicle cover to keep your business in motion. Some of the major inclusions are replacement vehicle cover, breakdown cover, legal costs and protected no claims bonus. Vehicle cover also comes with numerous exclusions, therefore ensure that you read the terms and conditions closely.

The Goods in Transit Insurance – You can but this insurance policy which will cover the goods which are being transported by your courier services. Insurers sometimes, only provide partial covers for certain goods which they might deem as ‘theft-attractive goods’ such as high end electronic gadgets. Make sure that you check these aspects thoroughly.

Public Liability Insurance – By virtue of your business, you have to interact with public frequently and dealing with them can pose certain risks to your endeavours. The Public Liability Insurance can cover you if you accidentally cause injury or damage to a person’s property in the course of your journey.

Certain insurers can provide you with a complete courier insurance package at an optimum cost, therefore take your time to study each policy detail and quotes closely before you make an informed choice.




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